How much do you pay?

At Happy Scribe, we strongly believe that our collaborators should be paid fairly, and we will never make compromises on this. 

Our state-of-the-art A.I. creates a first draft of the file that you need to proofread and format, so you don't have to type everything from scratch. 

You are paid per minute of audio transcribed or subtitled. The pay variates according to the language. Below you will find the average rates for each language, keep in mind that these rates can be higher or lower depending on the length and difficulty of the files.

Easier files are paid slightly less per minute of audio, but should take you considerably less time to complete a minute of audio compared to more challenging files. This is how we keep your hourly rate consistent. 

Lastly, be aware that we pay in your local currency.

Average rates per minute of audio

Language Transcription  Subtitles
English 0.9 €/min 1.1 €/min
French 1.3 €/min 1.5 €/min
Spanish 0.9 €/min 1.1 €/min
German 1.6 €/min 1.9 €/min
Dutch 1.6 €/min 1.9 €/min
Polish 0.9€/min 1.1€/min
Italian 0.9€/min 1.1€/min
Portuguese 0.9€/min 1.1€/min
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